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Omega VS Rolex
The two most diagnosed Swiss watchmakers in the Swiss made dive watch   world are benchmarked and cross head to head in this assessment. Which do you watched is the quality?

People will often name us requesting recommendation on choosing between an Omega or a Rolex watch and we are satisfied to share our good sized revel in with each manufacturers. This evaluation of Omega and Rolex affords you with facts to help you determine which is the excellent brand to fit your precise wishes.

Both manufacturers have pretty outstanding warranties. In the watch industry, you may generally see a 2-yr warranty on most watches with most brands. However, both Omega and Rolex provide a advanced guarantee period than the average luxury watch logo. Omega has a 5-yr guarantee on all their watches. Rolex additionally gives a five-12 months warranty on all their watches.

Resell Value
Something to recall when you buy an pricey watch is what you may count on to get back for it later. This is a place in which Rolex shines brighter than Omega and every other logo for that depend. When it involves resale cost, Rolex has the industry in the bag. They are, bar-none, the luxurious watch logo with the highest resell price inside the world.

When it comes to average resale fee Omega’s isn’t always horrific in keeping with se. The great Omega watch may also fetch a higher average resale value than the worst Rolex but the Rolex logo nevertheless dominates the pre-owned marketplace and on common, their watches keep cost the first-rate. They also are one of the maximum knocked-off brands as nicely. I suppose you’re taking the good with the awful, eh? So, when it comes to resale, that’s higher Rolex or Omega? Rolex is, bar none, the first-class with regards to average resale price without a exceptions.

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Common Features
Rolex and Omega both have a few iconic watches
Both manufacturers are pretty diagnosed Swiss luxurious watch brands
Both Omega and Rolex are rich in watchmaking history
Both have an fantastic and above enterprise-common five-yr guarantee period
Both manufacturers have made severa horological improvements at some point of the years
Both brands have watches that were worn by way of James Bond in various 007 movies
Rolex and Omega produce a number of the maximum correct mechanical watches
Both manufacturers undergo further testing after receiving a COSC certification
Both manufacturers had been combating electromagnetic interference with severa improvements
Brand Recognition
According to Interbrand, an business enterprise that measures brand recognition and brand fee for the top Swiss manufacturers. Rolex is the single maximum diagnosed watch logo within the world. I examine that they’ve a hundred% global brand recognition. Is Omega as prestigious as Rolex?

You can anticipate to show heads pretty much everywhere along with your Rolex. Omega is a close 2d and is the second one most recognizable watch brand inside the world and their logo keep in mind is in the direction of 70% which feels like a large difference but is an extremely good accomplishment for the Omega brand though. You can assume to show about 30% fewer heads along with your Omega watch.

*Source: Most Valuable Swiss Brands through Interbrand, an enterprise that measures logo fee.

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We recognize that both brands are very well diagnosed but in phrases of precision, are Omega watches proper? What’s to mention approximately Rolex? Are Rolex watches precise? Yes. Both are superb manufacturers that are not pretty much advertising.

How good are Omega watches? How proper are Rolex watches? Both brands have long past above-and-beyond what’s taken into consideration to be excellent watchmaking to deliver pretty precise timepieces by the best standards and then a few.

In case you have not already acknowledged this, some of the most accurate watches have a designation from a 3rd-birthday party checking out lab known as COSC which stands for ‘Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres’. They earn the identify ‘chronometer’ for their superior accuracy.

Both Rolex and Omega create watches with next-stage chronometer designations but that’s greater correct Rolex or Omega? I’ve included the distinction in accuracy between Omega’s and Rolex’s most accurate mechanical watches in a preceding weblog publish and could explain precisely how the distinction in accuracy works between those two luxurious watch manufacturers.

So, when it comes to accuracy, that’s better Omega or Rolex? In terms of usual accuracy, Omega wins, due to the fact they now not handiest make mechanical watches however additionally pretty a few quartz watches. Quartz watches, as we all recognize, are extra accurate than their mechanical counterparts.

Rolex, alternatively, would not manufacture quartz watches anymore. They gave it a pass a while again but they later re-centered their interest on best production mechanical watches transferring forward.

Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Watch

Water Resistance
Both of those watchmakers produce a few fantastic diver’s watches that offer excellent water resistance and include a screw-down crown to prevent the motion from entering touch with water.

You’ll discover that Omega has at the very pinnacle of the water-resistant meals chain the Seamaster ProProf 1200m which has a water resistance of 1,200 meters / 4,000 feet. Other diver watches from this logo consist of the Seamaster Planet Ocean and Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M, all that have a helium launch valve.

However, Rolex appears to have in reality long gone the extra mile, or as a substitute 2.7 kilometers with its Rolex Deepsea collection which has water resistance up to a few,900 meters / 12,800 feet. This pretty actually blows Omega out of the water.

Who Makes Better Diver’s Watches?
The most amazing characteristic of the Rolex Deepsea is the difference in Water Resistance in comparison to the Omega Seamaster ProProf 1200m. While extreme diving calls for at the least 1650 toes and up of water resistance, the Rolex Deepsea boasts over twelve thousand feet of resistance.

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