ProduKey v1.97 – Recover lost Windows product key (CD-Key) and Office 2003/2007 product key. Copyright (c) 2005 – 2021 Nir Sofer

ProduKey is a small utility that kmspico windows 10 presentations the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007), Windows (Including Windows eight/7/Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server set up on your laptop. You can view this data in your modern-day jogging running machine, or for some other running device/laptop – via using command-line alternatives. This software may be beneficial if you lost the product key of your Windows/Office, and also you need to reinstall it on your pc.
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Versions History
Version 1.Ninety seven
Added /cfg command-line option to begin ProduKey with the desired config file.
Version 1.Ninety six
Updated to paintings properly in excessive DPI mode.
Version 1.Ninety five
Added new alternative: Extract Partial Key With WMI. If you turn on this option, ProduKey will extract the last five characters of the product key from SoftwareLicensingProduct class, using WMI.
This option additionally works on a remote gadget, as long as you’ve got permission to get right of entry to WMI on the remote machine.
Version 1.93
Added ‘Office Product Name Extraction Mode’ choice, which controls the manner that the product call of MS-Office is extarcted from the Registry:
‘Prefer the product name from Uninstall Registry key’ – ProduKey tries to extract the product call from the Uninstall Registry access, adore it did till model 1.Eighty five
‘Prefer the product name from Office Registry key’ – ProduKey first attempts to extract the product call from ‘ProductNameNonQualified’ and ‘ConvertToEdition’ Registry values, love it did beginning from version 1.86
Version 1.92
Added ‘Build Number’ column (For Windows entries only).
Version 1.Ninety one
When loading product keys from far off pc or outside force, the name of the computer or external route is now displayed in the window title.
Version 1.90
When the ‘Temporarily start the far off registry service at the far off computer’ option is grew to become on, ProduKey now starts offevolved the Remote Registry provider even supposing it’s disabled.
Version 1.88
Added ‘Save All Items’ alternative.
Version 1.87
Fixed to show Office model if the product name isn’t saved in the Registry.
Version 1.86
Fixed worm: ProduKey displayed wrong product call of Microsoft Office taken from any other Registry key.
Version 1.Eighty five
Added ‘Auto Size Columns+Headers’ choice.
Added ‘Auto Size Columns On Load’ option.
Version 1.83
Added support for SQL Server 2012/2014.
Version 1.Eighty two
Added ‘Run As Administrator’ alternative (Ctrl+F11), which is needed to get a product key from external drive on Windows Vista and later.
Version 1.Eighty one
You can now export the product keys list to JSON report.
Version 1.80
Added option to briefly begin the faraway registry provider on the faraway computer (For reading the product keys from the Registry on the faraway laptop).
Version 1.Seventy five
Added help for some Adobe and Autodesk merchandise.
Version 1.70
Added help for BIOS OEM Key (Windows eight).
Version 1.Sixty seven
The DefaultProductKey Registry key help added on v1.Sixty one is now grew to become off with the aid of default (You can flip it on with ‘Load Default Product Key’ option).
Version 1.Sixty six
Added /NoErrorMessage command-line choice. If you specify it with a keep command-line option, an errors message might not be displayed if the store motion is failed. Instead, the mistake code may be lower back to the caller.
Version 1.65
Added aid for Visual Studio.
Version 1.Sixty two
Fixed worm from v1.61: ProduKey crashed in some structures.
Version 1.Sixty one
ProduKey now tries to extract the key from DefaultProductKey Registry key if the product key can not be located inside the fashionable region of Windows 7 product key.
Version 1.60
Added aid for SQL Server 2008.
Version 1.Fifty six
Fixed a bug with the ‘N’ person vicinity on the product key of Windows eight.
Version 1.Fifty five
Fixed ProduKey to decode properly the product key of Windows eight.
Version 1.Fifty four
Fixed trouble: The homes and ‘Select Source’ home windows opened in the wrong display, on multi-monitors gadget.
Version 1.Fifty three
Fixed malicious program: ProduKey displayed incorrect product name string for Exchange Server 2003.
Version 1.Fifty two
Decreased the peak of the ‘Select Source’ window to in shape the netbook display screen length of 1024×600.
Version 1.51
Added ‘Show Time In GMT’ choice.
Added ‘Mark Odd/Even Rows’ option, below the View menu. When it’s became on, the unusual or even rows are displayed in exclusive coloration, to make it simpler to study a single line.
Version 1.50
Added ‘Show the pc call for each IP address’ choice. This option is useful while you experiment a range of IP addresses, and you want to view the computer name of every IP address. Be conscious that the pc names will seem some seconds after completing to test the product keys.
Version 1.Forty six
Added accelerator keys for ‘Copy Product ID’ (Ctrl+I) and for ‘Copy Product Key’ (Ctrl+K).
Version 1.Forty five
Added ‘Add Header Line To CSV/Tab-Delimited File’ choice. When this feature is turned on, the column names are added as the first line whilst you export to csv or tab-delimited document.
Version 1.43
When the product key isn’t saved in the Registry (like in volume licenses of Windows 7), ProduKey will show ‘Product key was no longer found’ in place of incorrect ‘BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB’ key
Version 1.Forty two
Added ‘Copy Product ID’ and ‘Copy Product Key’ options.
Version 1.41
Added /ExtractEdition command-line alternative.
Version 1.Forty
Fixed ProduKey to display the proper product key of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (Office 14)
Version 1.38
Added sorting alternatives from command-line.
Version 1.37
Fixed issue with x64 systems – The 32-bit version of ProduKey can now additionally retrieve the product key while you run it on x64 machine.
Version 1.36
Added command-line alternatives to govern which varieties of product keys may be shown. (/WindowsKeys, /OfficeKeys, and others)
Version 1.35
New option: Load the product keys of external Windows installations from all disks presently plugged on your pc. When the use of this selection, ProduKey mechanically test all your hard-drives, find the Windows installation folder in them, and extract all product keys stored in these Windows installations.
New Command-Line Option: /external
Version 1.33
Fixed malicious program: In ‘Select Source’ dialog-container, a disk pressure blunders message displayed in some computer systems.
Added AutoComplete to Windows directoried combo-box.
Version 1.32
You can now send the records to stdout by using specifying an empty filename (“”) in the command-line. (For example: produkey.Exe /stab “” >> c:tempprd.Txt)
Version 1.31
Added the remaining modified time of the ProductID Registry key.
Version 1.30
New alternative: show the edition (Standard/Professional/Enterprise) of Windows 2000/XP/2003. (doesn’t paintings for far off computers)
Added AutoComplete for report selection.
Fixed worm: The main window misplaced the focus whilst the consumer switched to another application after which back lower back to ProduKey.
Version 1.26
Added support for saving comma-delimited (.Csv) files.
Added new command-line alternative: /scomma
Version 1.25
Added new source alternative: Load the product keys from all computer systems inside the particular IP addresses range.
New command-line option: /iprange
New alternative: Check every remote system with ping before trying to connect. (Only for Windows 2000 or above)
Version 1.20
Added ‘Select Source’ (F9) choice – user interface for loading the product keys from remote computers or from external drive.
Version 1.15
Added ‘Service Pack’ column (Only for Windows entries)
Added ‘Installation Folder’ column (Only for Windows and Office entries)
Version 1.10 – Added filters by way of product type.
Version 1.08 – The configuration of ProduKey is now stored to a record instead of the Registry.
Version 1.07
Added aid for product key of Ms-Office beneath x64, when it’s retrieved from outside Registry record.
Added x64 build – for domestically retrieving product keys of x64 versions of Windows.
Version 1.06 – Added support for SQL Server 2005.
Version 1.05
Display statistics in the popularity bar even as scanning computers with /remoteall and /remotefile options
New choice /remotealldomain – test all computer systems inside the particular area.
Changes in the way that /remoteall scan all computer systems.
Version 1.04 – Added product key of Exchange Server.
Version 1.03 – new command-line option: /remoteall
Version 1.02 – On more recent versions of Office (XP/2003) – display the actual product call, if it is written within the Registry.
Version 1.01 – Added support for XP visual fashion.
Version 1.00 – First launch.
Known Problems

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